Corporate philosophy

Message from CEO

Since our establishment in 1972, we have been working ,manufacturing and selling sushi machines as sushi machine specialized manufacturer.

I thank to the fact that we still exist even now is because of the great power and beauty of “sushi”.

Nigiri Sushi was born in Japan in the early 1800s, and “sushi” has continued to attract people for over 200 years. For many years, sushi has been developing with the Japanese cultural and economical changes and growth for creating new business models, food scenes and new food culture. Surely, those changes have made people’s dietary life more rich and glamorous.

Today, “Japanese sushi” creates a global common language called “SUSHI”, it attracts people all over the world as well as Japan and has begun to make a breakthrough to the world food culture.

As sushi machine manufacturer, we will continue to challenge, create and develop develop our products with this global “SUSHI ” culture and demands. We will be aiming and making efforts for creating healthy food culture with our products that can contribute to the global standard SUSHI culture.

President and CEO of TOP,INC. Masahiko Tamaki

company profile

company name
January 1972
September 1990
Masahiko Tamaki
sushi machine manufacturer
rice related machine manufactuer
4-8 Eternity Space Cosmos Tarumi-cho Suita-city Osaka 564-0051 Japan
TEL : +81-6-6380-3577 FAX : +81-6-6380-3588


Company history Development history
started as roll sushi machine manufacturer 1972 Manyo-1
1st automatic roll machine was invented 1976
1987 TSM-01
1989 TU-2
established TOP,INC. 1990 TP-20
1992 TSM-02
1994 TSM-03
1997 TSM-05sales development of supermarkets in Japan
1998 TSM-981st oversea model was released
certified UL,NSF and CSA 1999 TSM-06delivery sushi business has started in Japan
established office in LA 1999 TU-2000
started exporting to North America 1999 TK-2
2000 TOM-01
2001 ASUKA-1
2001 TO-2
2002 TSM-200Xrevolting sushi restaurants became popular in Japan
2002 TO-3AH
2003 TSM-08H
2005 TSM-07
2005 TSM-09
started exporting to Australia and New Zealand 2006 TSM-900RS
certified CE, for exporting to Europe 2007 TSM-900RSRglobal model was released
2008 TSM-10
2010 TSM-11
2012 OEM-1
sales office was moved to 3-17-10, Suita-chity Tarumicyo 2014
January 2019, sales office was moved to 4-8, Toyotsu-cho, Suita-city 2019
start manufacturing products in China 2020 LUX series

Social Contribution Activities

donating a part of sales profit to WFP.