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Top and Metos are releasing the New Rice Sheet Machine, LUX-R1S

ATTN: LUX series will be manufactured in China and delivered from China.

First Rice Sheet Machine in the world with
Double Sheet function”
two rice sheets can be made in a row.

Metos LUX-R1S for more detail

contact to Metos Oy Ab

LUX-R1S Setting

LUX-R1S Parts Off

M's Kitchen presents Special Menu

46 years of experience and trust since 1972
Pioneer of Maki Sushi Machine

TOP,INC. is a Japanese manufacturer specialized in sushi machines manufacturing, developing and selling, the pioneer manufacturer of roll sushi machine, invented and released in 1976.


check more detail about TOP,INC.

Standards for the world users

Safe and reliable with global standards for users in the world.

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Solutions and reference cases of TOP,INC. sushi machines

Solution example by sushi machine introduction

planning and starting sushi business


if you are worried, have questions, check our sushi business starter column and get more information.

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making sushi by hands now


If you are not satisfied with hands making sushi style production capacity, it is time to think about better solutions with TOP sushi machines.

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used sushi machines before but broken frequently


You had bad experience and have bad impression of sushi machines. It is time to consider Tough and Simple TOP sushi machines.

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The voice of our partners

Not only introducing machines but also offering suggestions and support close to customers is a top strength.
There are many other examples as well. Please see the solution case list below.

Solution list is here

How to get machines

A flow from sushi machine inquiry to examination / introduction

First make an inquiry
Contact Flow

Inquiry formFirst make an inquiry.

write down what you want to know, any questions, request, etc. We will reply you asap.

Let us know about yourself, your plan, what you want.
operation staff
In order to answer you straight and give you the best, please share what you have in your mind. We do not want to offer you something over-spec, over budgeted for your business for instance.
Best machines offer with very best quotation
operation staff
quotation, video reference, all the request you make, we will answer you. Tell us also about how you want us to ship the products. We can also help shipping.
Payment confirmation
Wire transfer, we appreciate you trust and payment.
Packing and shipping
dhl image
We pack your purchase with extra care. We prepare the shipping with the schedule you wish. We prepare the documents you need for importing and get in touch with careers you select. Trucking number, AWB and shipping documents, will be shared with you !

frequently asked questions, please check this column.

how you purchase machines

frequently asked questions


Welcome to M’s Kitchen !

Please refer the recipes using top sushi machines. Enjoy and have fun with us !

M's Kitchen of TOP,INC.

How to make sushi salad sandwich

How to make sushi donuts

How to make temari sushi

How to make spicy salmon nigiri


Sushi Machine Demo Movie

Manual and Catalog download

You can download the manual and catalog of sushi machines you are interested in before you purchase.

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TOP Special sushi Business pioneers and successors

The founder of Sushi Handroll in Poland as luxury new fast-food, PANDA HANROLL

panda roll

We learnt all we needed for sushi business setting in Japan with TOP,INC.

Designing simple operation and job routine, managing labor and hygiene control are very important for business setting and TOP convinced us to make efficient sushi making kitchen that we wanted exactly.

We are very happy and satisfied of how TOP works and sets and supports us, especially, Japan food research trip and their practical machine operation and sushi training !

Case details are here


High Quality "All you can eat" fusion sushi restaurant in Switzerland, Restaurant La Lagune

la-lagune making sushi

1,000 people per one day, it is hard to manage the restaurant and preparing all the foods with high quality, especially, sushi.I went to the demonstration of TOP and shared all the questions and problems I had. TOP explained clearly how I can develop my sushi business and move forward.

The shipping, training, after care, everything is very customer orientated and I am pleased of what TOP has done to me !

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Roll and Wrap like " sushi chef hand made " Easy to use. Excellent quality of rolls, SUSHIEMON

Sushi Restaurant Susiemon kitchen

There are two reasons for choosing Top's sushi machine, TSM-900RS-R.The first is that the operation method is so easy and simple. Just setting dial numbers.

The second thing is to wind with the handle. In other words, I was attracted to the idea of the delicate hand-made sushi by hand with this hand-winding method, which is an automatic but exquisite manual control.

A few years have passed since the machine was introduced, and after relocation, the sushi business is becoming smoother and more steady with simplified operation. TOP roll machine is a partner who can not open for three days without.

Case details are here


Not only introducing machines but also offering suggestions and support close to customers is a top strength.
There are many other examples as well. Please see the solution case list below.

Solution list is here


TOP,INC. sushi machines users in the world

In 1976, TOP,INC. began developing sushi machines around the world. Top sushi machines have been exported and used all over the world since 1976.

Worldwide sushi maker Top


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